Locked Garden
Come and Rest
Come and Rest
My child, my precious one
You are so special to Me
You were made with utmost care
I knit you together in a secret place
I placed within you wondrous dreams
I tenderly molded each part
I have loved you with a holy love
There is nothing that can change
The way I feel about you
My heart breaks when yours does
I feel your pain,
I cry your tears
I long to hold you within My arms
I long to heal your deepest wounds
I yearn to be your closest friend
I would cradle you in my embrace
As a mother cradles her child
I watch each step you take
I cry when you suffer
I applaud when you triumph
I sing joyously when you turn to Me
I smile when you tell Me
Of your hopes and dreams
I so long to give to you
The many blessings I have stored up
I desire to fill your thoughts,
Your time,
your heart
With My holy loveI am calling you
tenderly to My side
Come, come dwell in My shelter
Come and drink from My wells
Take My hand,
let Me lead you
I am the fulfillment of all your desires
Without Me you are incomplete
Let Me give you comfort
Let Me ease your pain
Come, come and rest
Come, let Me give you consolation
Come and let me heal your heart
Come and let me calm your fears
Come, rest quietly at My feet.
Jesus Christ



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