Locked Garden
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Garden of Your Heart


If there were a secret garden,

What would it comprise?

Fragrant flowers, a babbling brook, butterflies?

Dragonflies, birds, and bees, there would be all of these.

But most of all, within ‘that place’,

Tranquil peace and serenity await;

Ever there for me and you to relax and renew.

So every morning before you start,

Visit the ‘secret garden’ of your heart.


Linda Wall Hall





 A Garden Locked

A garden locked is my sister, my bride, A rock garden locked, a spring sealed up.

Your shoots are an orchard of pomegranates With choice fruits, henna with nard plants,

Nard and saffron, calamus and cinnamon,

With all the trees of frankincense, Myrrh and aloes, along with all the finest spices.


Song of Solomon 4:12-14



A garden inclosed
A garden inclosed
Im, his spouse a spring shut up a fountain sealed.
Thy plants are an orchard of pomegrantes with pleasant fruits,
camphire with spikenard.
Yes Spikenard and saffron and with all trees of frankincense and with all chief spices.
That is how Im for my beloved .
A Fountains of garden a well of living waters and streams
for Im my beloved and he is mine .

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