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In His Presence

My breath is mighty and it is about to blow in your life.

Lift the wings of your spirit and I will catch you up to environs yet undiscovered in My presence.

The angels tremble with excitement, for they exist to wend their way to you and bear you aloft into deeper intimacy with Me.

Receive the fragrance of the Throne says the Father.

Receive the heady aroma, the intoxicating perfume of My presence today.

Today you will not be denied. Receive says the Father.

Be a receiver of all good things that I would bestow upon you, My beloved.

The King is at His table. It is spread with every grace and goodness and blessing.

The invitation is extended, the privilege is yours, says the Father.

Come to Me. Come, let us take our fill of love and let all that which is earthly grow dim

and be lost in the passion of our embrace.

Father’s Heart Ministry

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